[CHΩROS SIFAKIS ARCHITECTS - The Decoded Path: Red Morse Sign Cross - COVER IMG] Perspective view of the immediate Ancient Theatre A Area

The Decoded Path: Red Morse Sign Cross

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Conceptual Landscape
Firm LocationAthens, Greece
Lead ArchitectMarilena Sifaki
Design TeamKaterina Passa, Katerina Sifaki, Image Complete
ClientLarissa Municipality, UIA, UNESCO

Our urban development plan for Larissa revolves around incorporating the city's Ancient Theatre A', a UNESCO world heritage monument, with the existing urban fabric. Through translating the morse code into architectural design to create a new universal language exhibited along a crossed morse path of follies and parasitic architecture, our urban proposal aims to position Larissa on the international scene of city competitiveness by reviving its old allure and setting the foundations for the development of its new character, all while adopting numerous environmentally friendly strategies.