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Jose Hevia Fotografia


Firm LocationBarcelona, Spain
Project locationCornellà, Spain
Lead ArchitectMarta Peris / José Manuel Toral
Design TeamJoan March (MARCH-RIUS ARQUITECTES TÈCNICS) -- Jaume Pastor (L3J TÈCNICS ASSOCIATS) -- Manel Fernández / Meri Blanco (BERNÚZ FERNÁNDEZ ARQUITECTES) -- Albert Sagrera / Luca Volpi (SOCIETAT ORGÀNICA) -- Sergi Soler (ÀUREA ACÚSTICA) -- Guillem Pascual / Ana Espinosa / Maria Megías / Izaskun González / Miguel Bernat / Cristina Porta (Peris+Toral ARQUITECTES)
ClientIMPSOL. Institut Metropolità de Promoció de Sòl i Gestió Patrimonial

The bases of this new residential building are a matrix of communicating rooms that eliminates corridors to guarantee optimum use of the floor plan; and the use of timber to improve the quality of construction and a major reduction of deadlines and C02 emissions. The building is organized around a courtyard that articulates a sequence of intermediate spaces. There are 114 spaces per floor, all of similar dimensions. The inclusive open-plan kitchen is located in the central room, acting as an element of distribution, at the same time making domestic work visible and avoiding gender roles.