[Clayton Korte - Saxum Vineyard Equipment Barn - COVER IMG] Saxum Vineyard Equipment Barn, Paso Robles, CA - Casey Dunn

Saxum Vineyard Equipment Barn

Firm LocationSan Antonio, United States
CompanyClayton Korte
Lead ArchitectBrian Korte FAIA
Design TeamBrian Korte FAIA, Josh Nieves, Derek Klepac AIA, Brandon Tharp
ClientSaxum Vineyards

Located in Paso Robles, California this simple ag structure sits as sentry upon entering the vineyard. The barn’s renewable energy system speaks to the winery's commitment to sustainability and the natural landscape. Imagined as a modern pole barn, the salvaged oil field pipe structure provides an armature for a laminated glass PV system and covered storage for farming equipment. Designed to maximize cross ventilation and to solar energy, the structure reduces the purchase of electric energy by 171% (roughly 88,697 kWh per year), eliminating the dependence of grid tied power for the winery.