[Mold architects - NCaved Residence - COVER IMG] Photo by Yiorgis Yerolymbos

NCaved Residence

Firm LocationAthens,
Project locationSerifos, Greece
CompanyMold architects
Lead ArchitectΙliana Kerestetzi
Design TeamKonstantinos Vlachoulis, Emmanouil Kerestetzis, Michail Xirokostas

NCaved is located on a small secluded rocky cove, hovering just above sea level. The need of protection from the strong winds and yet the desire to take full advantage of the disarming view, led us to the decision to drill the slope and create a protected shelter which integrates to the landscape, yet maintains a dynamic presence. A rectangular grid produces a three-dimensional “chessboard” of solids and voids. This strict geometry is discontinued with the rotation of the last axis of the grid, which intensifies the sense of perspective and amplifies the views.