[Clayton Korte - Hill Country Wine Cave - COVER IMG] The hillside embedment of this space, contributes environmentally by appearing as a non-building, and a stealth destination calling little attention to itself.- Casey Dunn

Hill Country Wine Cave

Firm LocationSan Antonio, United States
CompanyClayton Korte
Lead ArchitectBrian Korte FAIA
Design TeamBrian Korte FAIA, Camden Greenlee AIA, Josh Nieves, Brandon Tharp, Nicole Corwin

Located in the Texas Hill Country, this stealth wine cave sits nearby other ranch amenities along a secluded river bend. Designed under the pretense of an existing excavation protected by tall trees, it nearly disappears into the landscape. With dimensional constraints already established, the cellar and lounge were carefully inserted, recognizing that the existing cave was neither water tight nor designed for this intent. By manipulating the solids and voids of a wooden box insert, the cave is concealed and revealed to occupants, leveraging the good qualities of subterranean construction.