[anonimous - Casa Cova - COVER IMG] Casa Cova/© Rafael Gamo

Casa Cova

Firm LocationQuerétaro, Mexico
Lead ArchitectAlfonso Jiménez & Bárbara Trujillo
Design TeamMónica Ochoa, Francisco Martínez, Ana Cristina Fernández, Lucrecia Brero, Joaquín Ríos & Maria Luisa Guzmán.

Casa Cova is arranged on a land piece in Mexico, between the Pacific Ocean and the Oaxacan mountain just 230 ft away from the coast. The project’s program was designed as a vacation home for two families with a central common area and two parallel arms at the side of the terrain that contain the private suites. This central volume is embodied by a high-ceiling multi-purpose public space, topped by a ‘palapa’, a regional cover technique made of dried palm tree leaves, that cools down the tropical temperatures down providing shade and room for the heat to exit through the top of the structure.