Municipal Swimming Pools of Castromonte (Valladolid)

Firm LocationValladolid, Spain
Project locationCastromonte (Valladolid), SPAIN
Lead ArchitectÓscar Miguel Ares Álvarez
Design TeamBarbará Arranz González, Eduardo Rodriguez Gallego, Judit Sigüenza González, María Mendez Miguel, Carmen Rueda Rivero. DIRECTOR DE EJECUCIÓN: Javier Palomero Alonso FOTOGRAFÍAS: Ana Amado.
ClientAyuntamiento de Castromonte

The composition stems from the dialogue that synthesizes both natures, rural and municipal, which coexist in the spatial context in seeming contradiction. On the one hand, untooled stone is used in long parallel fence-walls, emulating traditional walls that identify the municipality. On the other hand, wind farms technological reality has been reinterpreted by placing, in an apparently aerial way, a roof made of precast beams. Its transversal arrangement to the massive wall-buildings serves to sew the complex, while reinforcing the dual identity of the project.