Firm LocationTokyo, Japan
Project location5-6-7 SHIROKANE, MINATO-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN
CompanyRyuichi Sasaki/Sasaki Architecture+Rieko Okumura/Ytro Design Institute with Hidetaka Gonai/Escenario
Lead ArchitectRyuichi Sasaki, Rieko Okumura,
Design TeamBuilder: Nobumitsu Ohashi/Shukou Kensetsu, Producer: Hidetaka Gonai/Escenario, Architecture; Ryuichi Sasaki, Rieko Okumura, Gen Sakaguchi, Yuriko Ogura/Sasaki Architecture, Structure: Terado Structural Studio, Light: Natsuha Kameoka/Lighting Sou, Contractor: Magome Construction Company, Building Management:Kiyoshi Yonemitsu/Alpha Management & Partners, Photo:Takumi Ota Photography
ClientNobumitsu Ohashi/Shukou Kensetsu

ESCENARIO SHIROKANE is a multi-purpose building in Tokyo consisting of residential, retail, and office spaces. The design projects the architectural structure as an iconic presence on the street. The five-storey building’s exterior is composed of RC bearing walls, with a shimmering surface created by shifting concrete spirals design. This composition of the facade allows the shadows falling on the street to shift depending on the time of day, allowing for a wide variety of expressions.