Haimen Shishan Square (Haimen City Sports Service Complex)

Firm LocationHangzhou, China
CompanyZhejiang University Urban-Rural Planning and Design Institute Co. LTD
Lead ArchitectXin Jin, Jialiang Zhang
Design TeamLianping Mao, Zhenda Chen, Yanfei Hong, Ying Li, Bo Gui
ClientHaimen Real Estate Development Service Co., LTD

Haimen Shishan Square is the most important urban renewal project in Haimen District, in the central core of this contrasting old city, through the design concept of "Reduce the building proportion & Increase site planning", an open "street life" building place with rich spatial levels and strong commercial vitality is constructed in the crowded, cluttered old city center. A sports park and runway were built on the podium roof. By means of sports and leisure + culture and art + creative business, natural interaction rooted in real life is created to explore the model of old city reconstruction