Firm LocationAvila, Spain
Lead ArchitectArturo Blanco Herrero / Alegría Colón Mur
Design TeamJacinto de la Riva, Juan Carlos Casillas, Sergio Azofra, Verónica Fernández, Arturo Menduiña Hernández
ClientTown Hall La Colilla

a threshold a door one step a tour a valley a life a hungry mouth introduces us, the monotonous interior is closing, narrows, compresses curiosity think about this place one last open look at the valley I want to go in, but I can't I have to zigzag at last I meet the others, seated, standing, serene, silent I turn my head and look at the town, the last house many more intertwined things, dry concrete wet steel the broken silence, appears what we had not thought ... exit to the north, almond grove and scattered graves tranquillity