[VERTEBRAL - El Terreno - COVER IMG] Community Garden and Educational Center

El Terreno

Firm LocationMexico, Mexico
Project locationCDMX
Lead ArchitectElias Kalach and Teddy Nanes
Design TeamElias Kalach, Alejandra Rojo, Michelle Kalach, Fortuna Kalach, Ricardo Gavira and Ricardo de la Concha

El Terreno is a suburban community garden and educational center built uniquely from recycled materials used in our previous constructions. The project started when our client rapidly understood the need for an alternative space to maintain social interactions along with environmental and educational awareness during the Covid pandemia. At the moment El Terreno nurtures a kindergarten where young kids learning outside the boundaries of a classroom welcoming a space that gains significance with the users’ engagement to cultivating and share new ideas that point towards a healing future.