Naiipa Art Complex

Firm LocationBangkok, Thailand
CompanyStu/D/O Architects
Lead ArchitectChanasit Cholasuek
Design TeamApichart Srirojanapinyo, Chanasit Cholasuek, Adrian Smiths, Chompunuch Vanichayanguranon, Pitchaya Kointarangkul
ClientNaiipa Art Complex

Naiipa (‘Deep in the Forest’) is a mixed-use project consisting of an Art Gallery, Sound Recording Studio, Dance Studio, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and Office Spaces. The project is named after the concept of concealing architecture within the forest as the vision of existing greenery is preserved and expanded by using reflective glass all around to create an oasis within the dense urban context. The goal of Naiipa has been to create architecture that seamlessly co-exist with the trees, providing a peaceful and inspiring art community for both its occupants and visitors.