[Masatoyo Ogasawara Architects - Redefining Public Restrooms - COVER IMG] A deck with a view / photo by Koichi Torimura

Redefining Public Restrooms

Firm LocationTokyo, Japan
CompanyMasatoyo Ogasawara Architects
Lead ArchitectMasatoyo Ogasawara
ClientTokyo Metropolitan Government

Public restrooms are “dirty, stinky, and closed” places where you want to avoid them at all costs. Our challenge is to change this perception entirely. We placed benches, stools, and an observation platform, under the extended eaves to ensure the transformation. Space is opened to users to relax and enjoy the view of the sea and airplanes at the Tokyo International Airport while waiting for friends and families. Instead of the typical blue/red color assignment, we choose to use achromatic colors for the pictogram and non-gender assigned colors for wall tiles of the restroom stall.