Amant Art Campus

Firm LocationBrooklyn, United States
CompanySO – IL
Lead ArchitectFlorian Idenburg
Design TeamAOR: Andrew Reyniak Project Manager: Paratus Group GC: John O’Hara Company Structural: Silman Associates MEP: CES, Plus Group Lighting: Buro Happold Engineering Envelope Consultant: Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Civil: Bohler Engineering, Plus Group Expediter: J. Callahan Consulting, Inc. Acoustics / Security: Harvey Marshall Berling Associates Landscape: Future Green Studio Graphics: Linked by Air
ClientLonti Ebers

Amant is an arts campus spread across three blocks of rapidly changing, industrial North Brooklyn. This cultural incubator functions privately and publicly, with artist studios, galleries, offices, storage, cafe. Rather than an inward-looking space isolated from urban context, our collection of distributed volumes weaves itself into the city's fabric. Public routes channel through large city blocks, circulating visitors through pockets of outdoor space and hidden entryways. The volumes nestle comfortably within their industrial context and, up close, offer surprising tactilities, detail.