[CHYBIK + KRISTOF - Zvonarka Bus Station - COVER IMG] View of the terminal from the main road / Alex Shoots Buildings

Zvonarka Bus Station

Firm LocationBrno, Czech Republic
Lead ArchitectOndrej Chybik + Michal Kristof
Design TeamOndrej Svancara, Ingrid Spacilova, Adam Jung, Krystof Foltyn, Martin Holy, Laura Emilija Druktenyte

A self-initiated project, the Zvonařka Central Bus Terminal reaffirms our longstanding engagement for social change. The new design revisits the station’s defining role in the city’s social fabric while preserving its Brutalist structure. The project involved preserving the existing Brutalist heritage structure while addressing the need to rethink a decaying public space into a functional entity adapted to evolving social needs.