[Smart Design Studio - Smart Design Studio - COVER IMG] Romello Pereira

Smart Design Studio

Firm LocationSydney, Australia
CompanySmart Design Studio
Lead ArchitectWilliam Smart
Design TeamJo Ann Kok Clayton Doueihi Huw Duncan Ben Doherty Rosie Ives Ron Keir Hon Loong Teng Andy Ostojic Jarrod Van Veen Josephine Cabezas Goldie Peligrino

A readapted industrial building houses a purpose designed workspace for Australian design practice, Smart Design Studio. Within the space, four meeting rooms on the mezzanine overlook the light-filled studio through trusses. A dramatic caretaker’s apartment is on the top floor. Located within one of the largest collections of industrial buildings in Australia, the retention and adaptation of the existing building was the springboard for this ground-breaking project. Creativity, structural innovation and sculptural form are embraced in new components while integrating sustainable principles.