[Valode & Pistre - Hangzhou Grand Exhibition Center - COVER IMG] Valode & Pistre

Hangzhou Grand Exhibition Center

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Infrastructure
Firm LocationParis, France
Project locationHangzhou, China
CompanyValode & Pistre
Lead ArchitectDenis Valode, Jean Pistre, Guohong Song

It will be the largest, most fashionable design, and most advanced function exhibition center in a provincial capital city in China. Surrounded by mountains and river, it is in L shape with central corridor in the middle. Local cultural characteristics—Hang fan and silky silk are integrated into the design. It is a typical case of city - industry integration. There will be a viewing platform for the Qiantang bore tide and 24/7 commercial stores to improve building's utilization and promote the vitality between industries, buildings and people.