[David Chipperfield Architects - The Bryant  - COVER IMG] The new tower is located on Bryant Park and surrounded by landmark buildings including the New York Public Library. Image by Simon Menges

The Bryant

Firm LocationLondon, United Kingdom
CompanyDavid Chipperfield Architects
Lead ArchitectDavid Chipperfield
Design TeamMira Abad, Pau Bajet, Gonçalo Baptista, Kleopatra Chelmi, Florian Dirschedl, Gabriel Fernandez-Abascal, Micha Gamper, Ines Gavelli, Maria Giramé, Christopher Harvey, Johannes Leskien, Mattias Kunz, Nic Moore, Sergio Pereira, Billy Prendergast

The Bryant is a 32-storey tower overlooking Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan and containing a hotel and private residences. The building follows the traditional tripartite composition of the New York tower: base, middle and crown. The concrete façade relates to the historic buildings nearby by containing different stone aggregates. Polished precast concrete slabs and columns follow a tectonic grid, lending the building a classical appearance. These elements extend into the interior spaces, reflecting the building structure and reinforcing a sense of architectural substance and identity.