[UNO Architect - Luosifen Urban Pavilion - COVER IMG] Photo: WU Qingshan

Luosifen Urban Pavilion

Firm LocationChengdu, China
CompanyUNO Architect
Lead ArchitectChenxi Wang, Tao Dong
Design TeamNING Kexuan, WANG Zihao, WANG Jianyuan, CHEN Liming(Intern), ZOU Yan(Intern)

The design concept comes from the unique local landscape and its stone culture.We hope the architecture can respond to the mountains from multiple perspective.The envelope system of the building is an abstract expression of surrounding mountains, creating a big and a small“mountains”. Architectural facade is inspired by a unique inkstone only produced in Liuzhou which composed by black and white layers.The 360 degree glaze facade unrolled with the panoramic landscape like an ancient Chinese landscape scroll,which allowing the visitors and staff members enjoy unobstructed views from inside.