[IDOM - Parking in Nantes - COVER IMG] General view / Juan Cardona

Parking in Nantes

Firm LocationMadrid, Spain
Lead ArchitectInés López Taberna, Iñaki Garai Zabala, Gohar Manrique San Pedro
Design TeamLuc Davy (Agence Paume), Aurélien Richard (CMB 44), Ana Robles Bustamante (IDOM), Olivier Roux (Agence Paume), Fanny Legaret (ETAMINE), Miguel García Castillo (IDOM), Arturo Cabo Ordóñez (IDOM), Carlos Castañón Jiménez (IDOM), Romina Gónzalez Hierro (IDOM), Héctor Mínder Rodríguez (IDOM), Clarisse Guiraud (IDOM)
ClientNantes Métropole

Winner of a public tender process, the project is located in a low-density residential environment, in the town of Bouguenais, southeast of Nantes. The proposal is part of the desire of Nantes Metropole to improve the city's public transport network with a hub for bikes, cars, buses and trams. Our approach to the design process integrates the functional and technical requirements with the aim of reducing the impact that an infrastructure like this will cause in a low-density and a high quality green environment.