[Pichler & Traupmann Architekten ZT Gmbh - Future Art Lab of the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts - COVER IMG] Future Art Lab Vienna, Photo: Toni Rappersberger Vienna

Future Art Lab of the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts

Firm LocationVienna, Austria
CompanyPichler & Traupmann Architekten ZT Gmbh
Lead ArchitectChristoph Pichler & Johann Traupmann
Design TeamProject team: Alexander Tauber (Project leader), Mohammad Ekhlasi, Christoph Degendorfer, Patrik Drechsler, Klemens Gabriel, David Guisado, Barbara Jarmaczki, Joachim Kess, Daniel Moral, T. Jan Niklas Schöpf, Marvin Seifner, Milan Suchánek, Design team: Bartosz Lewandowski (Team leader), Luca Baumgartner, Christoph Degendorfer, Peter Grandits, Fabian Lorenz
ClientBIG Bundesimmobilien GmbH, Vienna

The new building for the Future Art Lab will complete the development of this special campus, which is reminiscent of Anglo-American models and is unique for Vienna. On account of this, and due also to it location at a prominent position, this building has a special importance, which makes it possible to especially accentuate the canon of the buildings on the campus at this point. This free-standing, embedded building which can very much be understood as an apparatus, accommodates the apartments of electro acoustics, composing, film and television and those for keyboard instruments.