City Lounge of Zhongshan Road, Jiaxing/Aoguan Performance of Architecture

City Lounge of Zhongshan Road, Jiaxing

Firm LocationHangzhou, China
Project locationJiaxing, Zhejiang, China
CompanyThe Design Institute Of Landscape & Architecture China Academy Of Art CO.,LTD.
Lead ArchitectCHEN Xiawei
Design TeamKE Lijun, SHEN Junyan,JIN Tuo, WANG Kai
ClientThe People’s Government of Jiaxing Municipality

The City Lounge is located on Zhongshan Road, the core area of the old city of Jiaxing. The site is sandwiched among buildings of different ages, and is a typical urban debris space. The project is part of the old town remodeling plan of Jiaxing, and is different from the large-scale overall renewal. It trys to apply the "organ style" point of renewal to arouse the public's passion for the complex and diverse life in the old city. The main body of the building is an open stepped reading space, with a whole book wall and reading platforms of different elevations.