[ONZE04 architectes + BAU architecture - Simone Veil School, Bordeaux (33), FR - COVER IMG] ONZE04-BAU - School Bordeaux @FrancoisDantart

Simone Veil School, Bordeaux (33), FR

Firm LocationNantes - Barcelona, France
Project locationBordeaux (33), FR
CompanyONZE04 architectes + BAU architecture
Lead ArchitectGustavo Silva-Nicoletti + Steve Bouanchaud
Design TeamMargaux-Anne Bouvier, Mathias Gerhardt / François DANTART, Photograper
ClientEPA Bordeaux Euratlantique

By dividing the school program into two volumes, we create an interior promenade that organizes the transition between the street and the children's space. This new interior street becomes the major tool for the creation of a social link that has yet to be established in this new neighborhood. The building, a contemporary reinterpretation of the city's traditional architecture, is distinguished by the simplicity and quality of its materials borrowed from the Bordeaux region. Through its form and materials, the school group must echo in the collective imagination.