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University of Miami School of Architecture Thomas P. Murphy Design Studio Building

Firm LocationMiami, United States
Lead ArchitectBernardo Fort Brescia
Design TeamDesign Architect and Architect of Record, Arquitectonica; Contractor, Coastal Construction; Structural Engineer, Garcia Mullin Group; Civil Engineer, VSN Engineering; Interior Design, Arquitectonica Interiors and University of Miami; Landscape Architect, ArquitectonicaGEO
ClientUniversity of Miami

A one-of-a-kind design studio conducive learning and collaborating also serves as a teaching tool for the next generation of architects. The new studio occupies 20,000 SF and is based on 25 SF modules repeated and includes a fabrications lab and workstations, jury and exhibitions areas, and room for public functions. With a roof that becomes a moment of high visual drama; the building features a vaulting roof suspended 18 FT over a floor by narrow steel pipe columns and a few fixed walls - to create a sense of openness and allow natural light to permeate throughout the building.