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Galeria Vasco da Gama 26

Firm LocationFerragudo, Portugal
Project locationFerragudo, Portugal
Lead ArchitectMarlene Uldschmidt
Design TeamMaurícia Bento, Ana Filipa Santos, Ana Pinheiro

GALERIA VASCO DA GAMA 26 is situated in the fishing village of Ferragudo, Algarve, southern Portugal. The two-storey building was an old boathouse on the ground floor and on the first floor an adult school. The historic building was in an advanced state of degradation but its preservation was crucial for both, client and studio. The original design and details were kept. On the entire ground floor - which benefits from two entrances - an art gallery open to the public was created. The upper floor was transformed into a flat which benefits from a terrace created above the long living room.