[Alison Brooks Architects - Cohen Quad, Exeter College, Oxford - COVER IMG] Cohen Quad, Exteter College, Uk - Aerial View

Cohen Quad, Exeter College, Oxford

Firm LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Project locationOxford, UK
CompanyAlison Brooks Architects
Design TeamAlison Brooks Architects Team: Alison Brooks, Michael Mueller, Hannah Constantine, Jay Williams, Ceri Edmunds, Sergey Kudryashev, Joseph Ransom Shaw, Michael Woodford, Sara Wernsten; Consultants: Structure - Civic, Environment - Max Fordham, Conservation - Richard Griffiths Architects, Landscape - Dan Pearson Studio, Cost - Capita, Contractor - Mace, Wayfinding - Felix de Pass & Michael Montgomery
ClientExeter College, Oxford

A reinvention of the collegiate quadrangle, the new Cohen Quad expands Exeter College’s 700-year-old campus in the heart of Oxford, with undergraduate and graduate living accommodation for 90 students. The 5,500sqm, 4 storey building transforms the historic model of an enclosed, 4-sided quadrangle to an open-sided S-shaped quad organised around 2 new courtyards. Its public rooms are connected with a series of cloisters, amphitheatre, staircases, landings and garden walks. Oxford’s first fully inclusive and barrier-free quad was conceived as a place for social gathering and academic exchange.