[Architekturbuero Herbert Bruhin, Siebnen - Switzerland  - Barn conversion in Surrey UK - COVER IMG] Conversion of barn at Chapel House Farm, Oakwood Hill, Surrey UK / Photos Basile Bornand

Barn conversion in Surrey UK

Firm Location8854 Siebnen , Switzerland
Project locationOakwood Hill - Surrey / United Kingdom
CompanyArchitekturbuero Herbert Bruhin, Siebnen - Switzerland
Lead ArchitectHerbert Bruhin
Design TeamCollaborator Marcel Walker; Lighting design Lichtblick; Photos Basile Bornand

The old barn belong to Chapel House Farm, a former vicarage from the 16th century. With the conversion, the two separate buildings were joined together, thus creating an open, spacious interior, where the character of the barn is a charming presence in the restored half-timbered structure. The floor of hexagonal terracotta tiles and the new lighting also add to the inviting atmosphere. Natural light comes in through the full-height windows in the door openings and through additional skylights. A stairway leads into the attached annex, which houses a small kitchen and a guest bathroom.