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School, Ambrières-Les-Vallées (53), FR

Firm LocationNantes - Barcelona, France
Project locationAmbrières-Les-Vallées (53), FR
CompanyOnze04 Architectes + Tristan Brisard architecte
Lead ArchitectGustavo Silva-Nicoletti + Tristan Brisard
Design TeamMargaux-Anne Bouvier, Mathias Gerhardt / Simon Guesdon, Photograper
ClientVille d’Ambrières-les-Vallées

Ambrières-les-Vallées is a small rural commune in the west of France. The public school is located on the edge of the town center, in a mixed area where isolated individual houses, sports fields and technical buildings are intermingled. While the initial program is limited to proposing multiple scattered renovations and extensions, the architecture of the project proposes a comprehensive long-term functional and economic strategy. Rehabilitate as much as possible, deconstruct only what cannot be preserved, and take advantage of this to design the new articulations of the school.