[MOTOKI ISHIKAWA ARCHITECT AND ASSOCIATES INC. - Nishisando Terrace - COVER IMG] View from the southwest side./Masao Nishikawa

Nishisando Terrace

Firm LocationTokyo, Japan
Project locationTokyo, Japan
Lead ArchitectMotoki Ishikawa
ClientOkabe INC.

This building is a separated-townhouse style condominium with 4 lower volume three-storied houses standing on the site near the midtown. Simple rectangle plan and complex 3D-construction enable to control eyes from each building and makes flow line from common space by simple operation like rotate plan. The common space with lushly green that connecting buildings while moderately keeping distance from each other and the private gardens where beautiful sun lite coming though lattice gives spatial expansion and makes the life in the building as rich as the one in detached housing.