[Nihonsekkei, Inc. - ALLADA-TOFFO-ZE ZONE HOSPITAL - COVER IMG] Facade / Hideki Okubo


Firm LocationTokyo, Japan
CompanyNihonsekkei, Inc.
Lead ArchitectAkiko Oji
Design TeamProject Manager : Takeshi Endo , Designer : Sadahiko Ueki
ClientMinistry of Health , Republic of Benin

A hospital in West Africa carried out through a Japanese Grant-Aid. Given the nature of the project, all construction needed to be low-tech and low-cost, and a simple plan that took into consideration the local climate and construction techniques was required. As the hospital needed to respond to the large building-site environment where wilderness expands as far as the eye can see in the suburbs of the Republic of Benin, the aim was to create a hospital with a quiet appearance that fades into this vast scenery, employing a master plan of a mostly single-story building to minimize height.