[Henriquez Partners Architects - Pendrell - COVER IMG] Ema Peter Photography - View from Pendrell Street looking south


PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Multi Unit
Firm LocationVancouver, Canada
Project locationVancouver, British Columbia
CompanyHenriquez Partners Architects
Lead ArchitectGregory Henriquez
Design TeamHAPA Collaborative, Leckie Studio, ICON Pacific
ClientWestbank Corp

A waterfront backdrop, Pendrell contributes critical rentals to Vancouver’s densely populated West End. This 21-storey tower comprises two blocks, animated with traditional local architectural elements including concrete construction and ribbon windows. A unifying steel frame, recalling cargo ships in the nearby bay, ties these elements together and is punctuated with wooden-slatted privacy screens. Supporting social sustainability, Pendrell introduces 173 new market rentals with 26 units secured as affordable and approximately half comprising family-sized, two- or three-bedroom units.