Red-brick Courtyard House

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Other Architecture
Firm Location, China
Project locationChangde, Hunan Province, China
Lead ArchitectWang Qiu'an
Design TeamWang Qiu'an, Tu Hailin, Yu Xiaoyan, Wu Nan
ClientManagement Committee Office of Xihu Management District, Changde

The project is a reconstruction of an old red-brick house, to retain past memory and enhance the building's adaptability to local humid climate. With red bricks as main materials, the building adopts hollow-out structures at the veranda area. Besides, two sunken courtyards are inserted, which can collect water, gather energy and enhance ventilation and daylighting. Two circulation corridors respectively set on the north and south sides are combined with courtyards, creating a moving experience that recalls local people's memory of "going up and down mountains" in the former village.