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Contaminar Povo

Firm LocationLeiria, Portugal
CompanyContaminar Architects
Lead ArchitectJoel Esperança
Design TeamArchitects: Ruben Vaz, Eurico Sousa, Joaquim Duarte, Filipa Pimpão, Ana Carolina and Sara Fernandes; Engineering: Dimeng; Constructor: J.A.F. Gameiro

The unique geological context immediately gave architects a conceptual starting point that is both dreamlike and romantic without losing the connection to what is the physical and intrinsic reality of this place. Thus arises the idea of a cave, an austere carved and denticulated refuge that is humanized by its occupants. This premise is a look and a tribute to the beginnings of humanity and its symbiotic relationship with the environment it inhabits, it contains in itself the paradox of the perennial and harsh stone that becomes a natural and maternal refuge.