[Dabbagh Architects - Mosque of Light - COVER IMG] Mosque of Light by Dabbagh Architects | Photography by Gerry O'Leary

Mosque of Light

Firm LocationDubai, United Arab Emirates
CompanyDabbagh Architects
Lead ArchitectSumaya Dabbagh
Design TeamAleksandrs Zigalovs, Sandrine Quoilin, Hana Younes, William Java

The main building volume is separated into two – firstly, the prayer block containing the male and female prayer areas and secondly the service block containing the ablution facilities and residence for Imam and Moazen. This division forms a courtyard, celebrated through the use of materials and a sculptural canopy, which reaches out to reconnect the two volumes. The canopy above uses the same deconstructed pattern to filter direct sunlight onto the outdoor prayer area, highlighting the space as the main entrance to both volumes, and functioning as an outdoor prayer area during Ramadan.