[IAPA PTY. LTD. - Xi'an Taibai Wushanju Art Hotel - COVER IMG] photographer:Tan Xiao - studio TEN

Xi'an Taibai Wushanju Art Hotel

Firm LocationGuangzhou, China
Project locationShanxi province, China
Lead ArchitectPaul Bo Peng

Taibai Wushanju Art Hotel is a complex that consist of resort hotels, open spaces for leisure and cultural exhibitions. The design adheres to the traditional Chinese urban layout of "li, square, alley, city", combined with a vertical stacking technique. Using a primary checkerboard-like grid, we redefine the relationship between vertical and horizontal. And the design introduced a 36 diameter circular Taibai Court which acts as the main body that connects the building, corridor and the courtyard. All of this creates a space filled with tranquillity and Zen.