GUN | "on Forest’s Edge" Housing in the Gundackergasse

Firm LocationWien, Austria
Companytrans_city TC ZT: Christian Aulinger/Mark Gilbert
Lead Architecttrans_city TC ZT
Design TeamPartners: Christian Aulinger, Mark Gilbert / Associates: Matthias Brandmaier (Competition and Design); Tana Kubikova, Dietmar Hahn (Project Architects); Manuel Pawelka
Client"eisenhof" Gemeinnützige Bauträgerges. m.b.H.

‘Am Waldrand’ (on Forest’s Edge) was winner of a competition for low-cost housing initiated by the city of Vienna. The site is adjacent to Aspern Memorial Forest, an extraordinary preserve in the the city's north. The estate forms a transition between city and woodland. Three angular buildings generate three distinct courtyards. One connects to the street, and acts a forecourt to the city. The other two comprise the site's residential core: green gardens that open onto the woods in the north. The materials are stucco, wood and steel; the architectural language is modest, laconic, yet assured.