YINCHUAN Number One One-Center

Firm LocationChongqing, China
Company Arch-Age-Design(AAD)
Lead ArchitectYang Qiang, Yao Shixiong
Design TeamYang Qiang, Lin Xiaoda, Zhuo Jinxin, Jie Yufei, Su Zhicheng, Sun Kaidi
ClientYinchuanJianfaReal Estate Co., Ltd.

The project is located inside the Culture and Ecology Park at the south of Yinchuan. It boasts great natural environmental resources with a lake on the south.It acts as a sales center but would be transformed into a venue for featured business and community interaction. The entire project enjoys an L-shaped land, resembling two leaves floating next to the lake. It consists of three parts: the entrance, the main building, and the auxiliary building. Through the twists and turns of the blocks and shifts of spaces, the space has a playful circulation route and offers amazing spatial experiences.