[3 Points Consultant - Shaer Mohammad Para Jame Mosque  - COVER IMG] Entry view/ Maruf Raihan / Corpovisuals

Shaer Mohammad Para Jame Mosque

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Other Architecture
Firm LocationDhaka, Bangladesh
Company3 Points Consultant
Lead ArchitectTapon Kanti Sarker
Design TeamMd. Tanveer Hasan (Associate Architect) Md. Mithu Hossain (Junior Architect) Mohammad Kowsur Hasan (Structure Engineer)
ClientMA Sabur

The idea is to design an open and transparent space within a basic form where people can find peace and relate themselves with their surroundings. As we believe “Honesty, Transparency and Openness bring Peace of Mind.”- Dalai Lama Being a coastal area the mosque is designed on a raised platform with a frontal plaza used for additional prayer space and social activity. The main hall is open and transparent for that natural light and cross ventilation is ensured. A double height space with glass roof invites sky and rain and creates a sense in the middle of the limit and infinite.