[Kennedy & Violich Architecture - Global Flora Conservatory - COVER IMG] Wellesley College's Global Flora Conservatory embeds into the south-facing slope of Science Hill. Photo KVA

Global Flora Conservatory

Firm LocationBoston, United States
Project locationWellesley, Massachusetts, USA
CompanyKennedy & Violich Architecture
Lead ArchitectSheila Kennedy, FAIA & Frano Violich, FAIA
Design TeamKVA: Ben Widger, AIA, Shawna Meyer, AIA LEED AP, Kyle Altman, Bob White, Nick Johnson, Daniel Sebaldt, Michael Bennet, Diana Tomova, Noam Saragosti, Peteris Lazovskis, Mark Bavoso, Lynced Torres Consultants: Buro Happold Engineers | Nitsch Inc. | Andropogon Associates, Ltd. | Tillotson Design Associates | Jensen Hughes Associates | Transsolar KlimaEngineering | Small Design Firm | ReVision Energy
ClientWellesley College

GLOBAL FLORA Conservatory reimagines how a sustainable greenhouse can enhance interdisciplinary education and deepen a public understanding of nature. It houses Wellesley College’s plant collection in a curved form which follows the arc of the sun to maximize solar irradiance. The need to accommodate increasing tree heights from the dry biome to the wet biome produces a dynamic interior space reflecting the site’s landscape. A topography of living soils supports flexible public programs including pop-up research labs, informal classrooms, and areas for reading, relaxation, and performances.