[AMDL CIRCLE - Earth Stations: Happy Stations - COVER IMG] Happy Stations: Gold Community, 2021

Earth Stations: Happy Stations

Firm LocationMilano, Italy
Lead ArchitectMichele De Lucchi
Design TeamEmilio Mossa, Davide Angeli, Nicholas Bewick, Alberto Bianchi, Pico De Lucchi, Matteo Di Ciommo, Francesco Garofoli, Giovanna Latis, Angelo Micheli, Alberto Nason, Giacomo Nava, Banfsheh Razavi, Guido Tarantola

Happy Stations are a typology of condominiums that address the theme of living, starting from the human need to share, and trying to find architectural solutions to foster the joyful coexistence of a community. But how are the Happy Stations different? When designing a condominium building, we usually start from the distribution of the apartments and allocate as much space as possible for residential use. In the Happy Stations, this method is dismantled: in the foreground there are no private houses but common spaces, called labs, which are the reasons for choosing a particular condominium.