Khor Kalba Turtle and Wildlife Sanctuary

Firm LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Project locationSharjah, UAE
CompanyHopkins Architects
Lead ArchitectSimon Fraser, Principal
Design TeamStructural engineer - e.Construct, Dubai; MEP engineer - Godwin Austen Johnson, Dubai; Lighting - Lux Populi; Acoustic consultant - Gillieron Scott Acoustics; Landscape design - Spencer, Dubai; Exhibition design - Mojo Ink, Dubai; Main contractor - Hardco Building Contracting; Precast concrete specialist - Dubai Precast; MEP subcontractor - Al-Muhanad Electro-Mechanical Contracting
ClientSharjah Environment and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA)

Situated on one of the most sensitive and biodiverse nature reserves in the Gulf, the Khor Kalba Turtle and Wildlife Sanctuary comprises a cluster of rounded building forms that create a sanctuary for rehabilitating turtles and nurturing endangered birds, connecting with local initiatives and expertise. Seven interconnected pods create a visitor centre, with a terrace and panoramic views towards the mangrove forests and distant mountains. A nature trail encourages visitors to explore the reserve’s rich biodiversity of indigenous mangrove forests and mud flats and the species it supports.