China Longjing Tea Museum Design

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture
Firm LocationHangzhou, China
CompanyShi Subo
Design TeamYan NaiZhen, Jiang Zhedong, Xie Sihang, Huang Hanyu, Qian Chenghui, Zhang ShengJie
ClientXinchang County Public Service Group Co. LTD

This museum is located in a in long, narrow and irregular lot. With such a limited space, the building is expected to provide multiple functions, including a space for outdoor activities. Ecological Harmony:The shape of building looks like a tea garden that wrap around the mountain layer by layer, which echoes with the topography. The building gives way to the nature and preserves pine trees on the west side. The project used the architectural landscape to interpret the laws of natural evolution.The rooftop open space, surrounds the mountain and links to an existing park.