The Longcave 2

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Single Family
Firm LocationHo Chi Minh, Viet Nam
Company23o5 Studio
Lead ArchitectNgo Viet Khanh Duy
Design TeamVo Thanh Linh, Hue Tran
ClientMr. Thuan

The overarching fear does fade away openness, people become more aloof, and almost "hide" in their own oasis. “The Longcave” is a project in this context on the area of 10 x 50m. With thoughts create a place, not just a house, but it is where emptying anxiety, fear, the only remaining calm. “The Longcave” is inspired space section of Son Doong cave, and human life in the initial period of the cave.