Fragrance with Lotus Flowers

Firm LocationYokohama-city, Japan
Project locationTokyo,JAPAN
CompanyNakamura Kazunobu Design-Works
Lead ArchitectKazunobu Nakamura
Design TeamEnvironment Design : Kazunobu Nakamura, Produce & Dancer : Egiku Hanayagi, Japanese lute : Reisui Ban, Japanese flute : Michiko Fukuhara, Shamisen : Tohon Taku Taguchi, Lighting-design : Theaterbrain/Masao Igarashi, Production : Tashibu to Fukushima, Stage director : Noriyuki Shirato, Photograph : Masaki Komatsu
ClientEgiku Japanese Dance Products

Installation art space for Japanese dance. Ponds with lotus flowers are shrouded in a light mist in the early morning when in bloom. The mist as if visualizing the sacred fragrance of the lotus. A mist formed by particles that catch the light. "Lines" that fill the space become its particles. Delicate "lines" has a Japanese beauty, as if it softly absorbs light. A hazy, misty existence created by countless "lines". By designing the sparseness of the lines, it spreads a transparent gradation into the space. A space that to be enveloped in mist develops Japanese Dance.