Photo | Kim Dong-gyu


Firm LocationTokyo, Japan
Project locationSarushima, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Lead ArchitectTakumi Takahashi
Design TeamDesigner / Artist : Takumi Takahashi | Creative director : Shoichiro Minami | Construction Manager : Kohei Kumazaki
ClientYokosuka City

An installation [prism] was exhibited at an art event held on the island SARUSHIMA, which was used by the military until World War II. When we first came to the island, we were deeply impressed by the remains of the island's past, including the remains of a turret. We were also fascinated by the island today as well as the colorful night view on the other side of the island, so we took these experiences as inspiration for our installation. We attempted to revive the island's memories of the past with a beautiful, colorful light that resembles a night scene.