[X+Living - Taiyuan FAB Cinema - COVER IMG] Taiyuan FAB Cinema/Shao Feng

Taiyuan FAB Cinema

Firm LocationShanghai, China
Project locationTaiyuan China
Lead ArchitectLi Xiang
Design TeamProject director: Ren Lijiao, Wu Feng; Designer: Qian Huilan, Zhao Dandan, Chen Lufang, Li Jiaxin, Yang Qiaoliu, Fan Haifeng, Jiang Xueping, Peng Xiang, Che Rui
ClientTaiyuan FAB Time Cinema Pty Ltd

This collaboration project between FAB Cinema and Zhongshuge is located in Taiyuan China. The designer integrated cultural aspects of both brands together organically, using humane sentiments of the bookstore to elevate brand value of the entertainment space, at the same time maximizing both spaces’ social features to bring customers a different experience. The reading hall and the café allow audiences to enjoy their time both before and after the movie. The lecture hall makes the hosting of various movie culture related events possible.