[Kraft Architects - cup of tea ensemble  - COVER IMG] Munetaka Onodera

cup of tea ensemble

Firm LocationTokyo, Japan
CompanyKraft Architects
Lead ArchitectAtsushi Nakamura
Design TeamCreative direction : H inc. / Wood processing supervision : Hida sangyo co., ltd.
Clientcup of tea / Takuro Nakamura

“utilizing-whatever-we-have” This renovation project proposes resources from various perspectives. Beds and Joinery are reconstructed from about 200 small-diameter cedar trees from a mountain with a steep slope that were thinned into 2-meter pieces by human hands. We aimed for a space that matures with time, while arranging materials with a variation in durability and colors from persimmon astringent paint. Not just for an inn, but as a base for community building that “lives with the forest”, we hope this project becomes a landscape of the new local culture as it matures over the years.