Garden Pavilion

Firm Location, Hong Kong
Project locationCauseway Bay, Hong Kong
CompanyNC Design & Architecture Limited
Lead ArchitectNelson Chow
Design TeamJohn Liu, Rain Ho, Eddie Wong, Rafael Pardo, Jonathan Ng, Linus Kung, Irene Noh

The brief - to create a relaxing VIP Lounge at Hong Kong’s busiest shopping centre – was conceived by the designer as a modern Zen garden. The project covers 2 distinct areas, a public Sculpture Garden that house a florist and concierge, and a private VIP lounge which is a space unfolded through a series of wavy walls. A series of undulating curves are recurring motifs and provide an abstract echo of nature. Custom seating, drapery and ceiling patterns suggest raked gravel patterns of a sand garden, while organically shaped sconces and tables are designed to mimic rocks in a garden.