[Nonezone Space Atelier - Sunac Community Dry-cleaner's - COVER IMG] 1000 Degree Vision

Sunac Community Dry-cleaner's

Firm LocationBeijing, China
CompanyNonezone Space Atelier
Lead ArchitectWeiguo Yao, Yang Su, Hai Wang, Fengshuai Zhang
Design TeamYanjun Zhu, Shilin Kang, Yuming Yao, Yijie Tang
ClientSunac Real Estate

Inspired by elements such as the universe and the space capsule, the designer has made great efforts to explore and innovate. The laundry module and the space capsule are interwoven in series. With the characteristics of "transparency", the designer has created a space with more interesting personality, more communication value and more social topics, breaking the fixed thinking of the public about dry cleaners and stimulating their desire for exploration. In terms of internal space, the designer has reasonably divided each functional area with clear moving line, creating a modern space.