Zhenyige Chengdu headquarters renovation——Folding space device

Firm LocationChengdu, China
Project locationWuxing 5th Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan
CompanyFanzhu Design
Lead Architectzhong zixun
Design TeamXue Jieyuan, Li Ling
ClientShenzhen Zhenyige Software Co., Ltd.

We believe that the office environment should reflect the wishes and values ​​of the office team. Our user is a game design team in Shenzhen. Through in-depth understanding and communication with users, we designed the indoor circulation as a continuous folding space installation, intertwining the “dynamic” public space and the “quiet” working space to generate dialogue. The visual circulation forms a spatial atmosphere with sculptural and dramatic effects, provides a unique place experience, and finally conveys the values ​​of the innovative team: breaking boundaries and dare to challenge.